Fun, visual, and exciting,
balloon sculptures are
an event by themselves.
As a stand-alone feature,
or as part of
Mark's magic program,
balloon sculpting is
sure to add enjoyment
to your program!
How does it work?

Balloons can be added to your program in a number of ways:

Mark can set up at a single location, such as in a place where people will be having a long wait. Watching Mark make creations out of balloons is not only fascinating and enjoyable, it also provides them with a souvenir of your event. It can turn that long wait into another entertaining part of the day!

Mark can stroll with his balloons, making sure that a cross-section of your guests have an opportunity to be part of the fun!

Mark can set up in your lobby, greeting guests with a delightfully entertaining gift of a balloon sculpture.

As you can see, balloon sculpting is unlimited
in the ways and places it can be performed.
Contact us today for more details!

For more information,
or to book a perfomance date,
call now at (414) 405-6244
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